Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Routine Traffic Stops by the Modern Horse Thieves

Apr 01, 2009 08:28

Routine Traffic Stops by the Modern Horse Thieves

Why should 'routine traffic stops' be outlawed and the perpetrators face summary execution? Because this has been the historical treatment of horse thieves and we have come full circle to an 1878 frontier where nobody is safe to travel and for various pretended offences, the highway men will confiscate your car.

The severity of the punishment was best described by the Feb 5, 1878 New York Times article that said, "The loss of livestock in some localities is fearful. Farms are rendered useless, and families depending upon crops see the plowing season passing away without being able to plant or sow." In short, a horse thief is guilty of attempted murder.

When some highway patrolman or more likely, State Policeman, as a procedure, stop cars and in many cases confiscate the vehicle, they also take away the livelihood and homes in the case of stealing a mobile home, and are no less of an outlaw simply because a gang in a legislature said that it was alright to do so. In this case, the legislature itself has become part of the horse thief ring and would be liable to the same punishment as the police.

The fear that LEO's suffer is justified. There is a no more dangerous theft than horse thieving because historically, they "are rarely caught without a fight and bloodletting..." It was not only for stealing the horse that highwaymen were executed, but theft itself. Let's call it "ticketing." Travelers are always potential victims of a dangerous situation and 'highway patrols' were treated just as severely. "The records of the High Sheriff's Assizes include documents recording that... In 1685 Peter Clarke was hanged for the highway robbery... Thomas Croxton & John Harmon were hanged for robbing travelers..."

Modern legislators believe that they have eliminated the execution of horse thieves and highwaymen, but as more homeless people also lose their cars because of ‘traffic stops,’ the perpetrators themselves will lose their lives. The SOP of statist is of course, programs, aid, and ultimately, camps, thereby assuring bloodshed.