Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Binghamton Operation

Details of the Binghamton, NY raid, April 3, 2009 do not match the media spin using the phrase "rampage" and the lone shooter scenario.

The ambush began by blocking the rear door, attacking through the front, and took only a few minutes. The first police arrived during the attack.

"The gunman entered the building through the front while firing. He had already blocked the back door with his car.... she called 911, said Zikuski, who arrived at the scene within three minutes of receiving the call."

"Police and ambulance crews began staging at Oak and Main Street, the site of the Binghamton High School, shortly after 10:30 a.m."

The primary attacker was prepared for battle, "Police believe the 41-year-old Vietnamese immigrant, who arrived in body armor... He was heavily armed, had a lot of ammunition on him." Pistols are not "heavily armed" however.

"Sources say he was carrying a satchel with extra ammo, a large knife, a flashlight and what appeared to be survival gear - a sign that he was prepared for a standoff."

"I heard shooting, very long time ..." A few minutes after the raid began, the primary attacker was shot. The time is within the period that the first police arrived but there may have been others involved because, "Two men were seen brought out by police in handcuffs, but Police say they are not suspects in the shooting."

Almost immediately after the shooting started, "Eyewitness Kenneth Youmans told CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor.”That's when … we see everyone running around and they started getting the dogs, moving us back, telling us we got to get away from the area." That would imply that they were present in less than 3 minutes.

It is unlikely that a man committed to combat will kill himself.

The irony is how the operation brought a degree of harmony between Hal Turner and Rabbi Kol Tzedek, whose name means "righteous voice", of a nearby synagogue because they do not believe that the raid was a tragedy or a "crime". We expect some strange alliances as the civil war gets hot.

By "2:40 p.m., Binghamton Police indicated the situation was over," but everyone in the building was under arrest until cleared. The media spin is that gun nuts are failures, loners, maladjusted discontents that because of "bad choices" may go on a rampage after blaming others for their failures. The scribes are becoming loathsome.

More media spin: "planned to go out in a blaze of glory with cops; got cold feet when he heard the sirens; coward" and finally the sectarian component, "Thank God, before more lives were lost, that he decided to do that."

Did he? And what is the name of that god?