Wednesday, December 30, 2009

AJ Exclusive: DHS/FBI Silent On 253 Bomber’s Accomplice
253 Operation: Nazis Admit 2nd Man Detained w/o Passport, As More Witnesses Emerge... MORE

Alex talks again with Kurt Haskell, the Michigan attorney who witnessed the underwear bomber incident on Christmas
Alex Jones - 2009-Dec-30, Wednesday

Celente Predicted Terror In 2009, More In 2010

"Before terror strikes, our advice is to prepare for the worst. What if banks close and ATMs crash? Will you have cash on hand to make it through a crisis? What if a nuclear power plant is attacked and you live within range of fallout? What if a WMD, dirty bomb or biochemical weapon is detonated in your city? Do you have escape plans and escape routes? If anything less than the worst happens it's always possible to pull back. For the unprepared there is no fallback position and few options,"

Taitz Calls For Followers To 'Bare Arms' to stop America breaking its own constitution...
Putin calls for more weapons to stop America doing 'whatever it wants'...

Space anomalies, raw data...