Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Return of Coast-to-Coast Devastation

The Return of Coast-to-Coast Storms
The current weather pattern will shift today and eventually lead to a change in the weather across the entire nation, beginning with the West Coast and eventually spreading a wintry mix across the nation's midsection.

Stormy weather had recently been avoiding the West, as storm systems have bypassed the region. However, a return to December's storm patterns will resume as the jet stream shifts and brings nationwide precipitation.

The jet stream will begin to shift today, and storms will enter the West Coast by the weekend. Residents of this region will not have a flood problems, but rather relief from the dry conditions.

The storms will eventually head toward the Eastern Seaboard. Moist air to the south will clash with the cold air to the north, providing the fuel. Moderate to heavy snow will fall from the Midwest into the Tennessee Valley as temperatures drop. This snow will taper off to the east by Monday.

Each storm threatens to return snow, ice and rain to places east of the Rockies. If conditions are right, severe thunderstorms may erupt over the South.

Continue to check back with as the exact details of the storms traversing the nation become clearer. The pattern resulting in the coast-to-coast storms may continue into at least early February.