Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama's First Sermon

Jan 28, 2009 10:11

Obama's First Sermon

One must admire the new Secular Pope, Husein Obama, because he speaks a language that the conservatives have no power to resist. How else could the Marxist-Muslim axis succeed at threatening their most widely circulated scribes, Rush Limbaugh included, with inspections and audits to verify their compliance with their required public service?

The gods gave Hussein the power to win once and for all. The Federal Reserve banking system is collapsing and the solution is the dream of every Marxist: spend more imaginary money until prosperity returns! At least, that’s what the Conservatives are going to make fierce statements denying that it can work that way.

Let’s look at the bleak future of the Americans. The Pope shows it to us in his first Fatwah while speaking the same magic words about the Palestinians.

He said, "The situation for the ordinary Palestinian in many cases has not improved. And the bottom line in all these talks and all these conversations is, is a child in the Palestinian Territories going to be better off?"

This is the magic that says poverty and disease cause war and revolutions. Who can dispute him however? It has been prosperity that divided conservatives into two camps: one saying the ballot box wins over the cartridge box and the other that says they broke the contract and they ought to be hanged.

When he advocates welfare payments to Palestinians, he knows that the only ones who will retain any moral power to fight are going to be the Marxist-Muslims, because their motive is not cash but doctrine. It is not that poverty cause revolt as much as blaming it on the victim prevents them from fighting back.

What the Pope wants is for the Israeli government to plunder Jews and give the loot and land to Hamas. He intends to do something identical in the US when he spends away the depression. Unemployed men with guns make for political instability according to this doctrine, and the way to avoid it is to give them money.

The terms prosperity and security are not related in their view: one refers to spreading of bribes to keep the peace, and the other refers to enforcement of law or shall we say, collections.

Spending another trillion dollars that do not exist is merely stating that the governments intend to repeatedly repossess and redistribute wealth as may times as necessary until that amount has been recirculated. The enticement is that if you refuse to pay up, the people in the town down the road will start shooting rockets into your neighborhood, and we cannot allow that.

Whether the Pope is talking about Gaza or Arlington, it is the same plan-- extortion. And the conservatives will go along with it. They will even go along with Husein when he accuses them, saying, "There’s no actions that they’ve taken that say a child in the Muslim world is getting a better education because of them, or has better health care because of them."

The pathetic conservatives are reduced to whining "Whether this funding has merit is not the question; the point is it has no business in an economic plan supposedly focused on job creation," because their fellow statists added $335M for more sexually stimulating training of children. It makes no difference what the "money" is spent on when it does not exist. That is why Gaza will be rebuilt with US money, and why every possible social program will be fully funded.