Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ukraine Pneumonic Plague Update: 969,247 Affected...
500,000 Infected in Norway Since Last Week
Suspected Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Outbreak Hits Ukraine
Mortgage applications drop to lowest level in 9 years...

November 11, 2009
Rick in Romania

Everything I am seeing out of the ukraine is very troubling. The government of ukraine is still holding to the story that this is h1n1, however there are reports now that doctors in ukraine are not allowed to give a diagnosis of "plague", they must call it a resperatory pneumonia.

There are also widespread reports of the police seizing medical records of the dead and cremation of the bodies.

The people are saying the russians did this but I have not seem any evidence to prove that. What I do know is Moshe said baxter was going to release a plague in ukraine and then he is assaulted and arrested by LAPD.

As far as I know we don't know if he was deported to israel or if he was suicided.

We also have reports of low flying planes spraying the cities in ukraine right before the outbreak. We have no idea what or who those planes were and the ukraine govt denys them.

Something is very wrong here and ever serveral days into this thing we are still operating mostly on leaked reports from individuals. Romanian news is no better, they are right next door and we are hearing almost nothing about it.

Major cover up in the works....I hate to think about how bad it really is. I'll keep everyone posted as I hear more.