Friday, November 13, 2009

Swine flu becomes political issue in Ukraine
UPDATE: Million infected in Ukraine flu epidemic...

November 13, 2009

submitted by RD

I found news on link of Chinese parties were signing papers, to execute their LIEN on the US Treasury. As one of the key aggrieved Beneficiary Owners of the loaned 10,000 tonnes of gold *500,000 mt of au not 10,000 mt when gold was USD$45.00 an oz.*

*now USD$1,200 an oz. + interest at 7 and7/8% per year compounding *
* WOW now you see, right?*yes ,...big yes..

MY SOURCE---Our comments between he and I was that this war was set to break eventually...i mean you see that someone is owed something when it was cheap and now they are owed something when it's a kings' ransome, so what would you do? go to court? most likely...

we need someone in the washington pool..on this..

it's quite covert and very touchy

So yes. yes yes

it's the only fire stick the good guys with the white hats have left.

(1): The Chinese parties were signing papers at the World Court on 11th November 2009, following preparatory activity on 10th November, to execute their LIEN on the US Treasury. As one of the key aggrieved Beneficiary Owners of the loaned 10,000 tonnes of gold and the currency boxes etc., the World Court powers will enable them to seize US assets around the world within their jurisdictions and probably even on the high seas and at airports, to the value of the stolen/diverted assets.

They have no choice now, given that they acted in good faith; whereas, as usual, the US 'Shadow Government' consisting of Fraudulent Finance cadres functioning as though they are bona fide US officials, appointees and legislators, have gone too far, as previously explained.

(2): We understand that a total of 163 prominent individuals, many from Congress, plus George Bush 41, William Clinton 42 and George Bush 43, plus THREE current and former US Supreme Court Justices, will be arrested on the basis of arrest warrants in the light of the continued sabotage and the deadline for the Chinese to implement their LIEN on the US Treasury.

Our sources initially indicated that 'exposure and lockup orders going all the way to Bush 41' were extant on 10th November. Separate sources stated to us that these arrests were associated with World Court instructions and warrants which were put into process with effect from the sabotage operation on Tuesday 10th November becoming known.

It STANDS TO REASON that this state of affairs represents a massive threat to US national security which has been brought about exclusively by the feckless refusal of the US authorities to do what should have been done in 2007, but was aborted because the Bush dynasty was still in power - and by the lust of various components of the structures for 'the money', representing corruption on a gargantuan scale arising from George Bush Sr.'s insidious technique of enticing collaboration through the mirage or promise of great riches. That has been the technique used throughout, and its absolute decadence and foul origination is now unveiled for even the most blind observers to see (unless they belong to the 'mainstream' media which, like King Zechariah, have had their eyes put out by Nebuchadnezzar and have been transported to Babylon).

We further understand that about 1,600 people around the world will be at the receiving end of arrest warrants and seizure on sight following the generation of these warrants by the World Court in the foregoing context. The aggrieved parties remain unchanged, and are headed by the Chinese authorities and Elders, and the British Monarchical Power.