Thursday, August 6, 2009

Medvedev: Russia to be more business friendly...
Muslim also wants Temple rebuilt in Jerusalem...
10% of US on food stamps...
Third Case of Swine Flu Death
US Caters to Arabs in Israel

Obama's ACORNS in Israel Monitoring Each and Every House
US: Freeze Settlements for a Year
Regulating houses is becomming big business at ICC

Servant girls become rulers

When Jews in Samaria seek international protection from organizations that are politically allied with the US State Department such as FATAH and HAMAS, they are falling into another trap that is snaring millions of naive Americans as well. The trap of having their property, their houses, legally taken.

It is done through the International Property Maintenance Code which includes armed code enforcement officers who have the authority to ‘inspect’ private property at anytime and to cite property owners who do not comply with the international code. The great land theft of Jerusalem is not merely the Temple Mount, but all the earth.

Their favorite tactic is to get some unfortunate schmuck to request their assistance. Private property owners need know if they are essentially allowing a ‘taking’ of their private property to be enacted when they seek emergency relief from any government agency. That includes protection from HAMAS or LaRaza. Their assistance comes as control over land use for hazard mitigation. Samarians may get hazard mitigation from HAMAS but only after they give up control of their land, as they are being pressured to do.

This scheme is invented by environmentalists reclaiming land and then relocating the victims into Sustainable Developments which of course, are tiny subsidized apartments open at all hours to inspectors of children.

This modern day Pharoism is done the same way as it was in Egypt when the Mizraim said, "we must deal shrewdly with them," which makes one wonder what sort of insane proclivity Jews have for complying with everything that comes out of the mouth of a bureaucrat.

The end result is the same: all property and bodies belong to the state. The inhabitants of earth tremble when a fool becomes ruler and when stupid old maidservants supplant their masters as have Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer have done.