Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quake M 6.0, Philippine Islands region
Iran leader predicts destruction of Israel...
Paulson: 25% unemployment rate without AIG bailout...
India plans manned space mission in 2016...
Obama aims to ax moon mission (in India too)...
231-mph NH wind gust is no longer world's fastest...
Napolatano and Celente

25/12/2009 02:35:44 PM GMT
Ami Meshulam, the son of Rabbi Uzi Meshulam, who is seeking political
asylum in Canada, plans to sue Israel at the International Criminal
Court in The Hague.

Uzi Meshulam led a campaign against the Israeli establishment which
demanded an investigation into the disappearance of the children of
Yemen in the late 1950s. In May 1994 he entrenched with his followers
for a month and a half in his home in the city of Yehud. During a
police raid on the house one of his followers was killed in a fire

There was no firefight. One unarmed congregant, Shlomi Asoulin was shot by a sniper. He was taken to police lines where he was allowed to bleed to death. The children did not "disappear." They were kidnapped.

January 27, 2010