Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama Lobbying efforts to ensure Netanyahu can't unite with Congress to ease pressure
Australian red-dust storm frightens citizens...
US Troops patrolling within the US....
Katrina's secret FEMA jail

Division of Jerusalem Discussed
Obama Meets with Netanyahu
Obama: Israel Must 'Restrain Settlement Activity'
US to Oversee Three Weeks of Talks
Netanyahu to speak to UN Thursday
Netanyahu: Israel-PA Talks to Resume Soon
PA Delegation Refuses to Shake Hands with Lieberman

Obama, Abbas, Netanyahu in NYC dividing up Jerusalem

GRU reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that American Forces loyal to President Obama who are currently interrogating members of a CIA-al Qaeda terrorist cell apprehended this weekend [see our previous report Obama Warned By CIA, “Surrender Or Join Kennedy”] have uncovered evidence that a “series” of what are called “dirty bombs” containing radioactive materials may be set to explode all across the United States during the coming week.

According to these reports, upon searching the computers of these CIA-al Qaeda terrorists a “substantial link” was found linking these rogue forces with the Nazi terrorist, James G. Cummings, whose plot to detonate dirty bombs in Washington D.C. during the inauguration of President Obama was thwarted after his assassination by his wife, Amber Cummings, who according to her FSB file is one of a number of US Naval Intelligence “controlled” wives and husbands put into place to monitor what are called the “Children of Hitler” and who are the offspring of one of the most insidious eugenics experiments ever devised by American and German Nazi forces after World War II.