Tuesday, December 23, 2008

States Spreading the Blame, So Messiah Spreads the Misery

States Spreading the Blame, So Messiah Spreads the Misery

The Judeans were in Turkey trying to close the sale of Messiah's house in Jerusalem when Syria took advantage of Rice's anti semitism to demand a good faith binder from Israel of all Golan. It becomes more difficult to distinguish one incident from another as the State reaches its goal of divinity. One Messiah vs. over a hundred indistinguishable states.

Olmert's attempts to negotiate with Syria collapsed Tuesday, December 23, 2008 when Israel received a private message from Damascus that the Jewish state must first agree to relinquish the entire strategic Golan Heights as a starting point. Olmert met late Monday with Turkish premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan to discuss the possibility of a fifth round of indirect talks with Syria.

In Obamaville, another strong storm system will be affecting North Central and far Northeast Il late Thursday night into Saturday. Precipitation may initially start as snow and light freezing rain before changing to all rain. The potential exists for heavy rainfall, which combined with the frozen ground and melting snow and ice could result in flooding, possibly significant.

Allah is on the move against the US and Israel with plans for a two front assault: one on Israel and another on the US border. Iran is providing its Revolutionary Guards to train Venezuelan police and secret agents, as Venezuelan aircraft ships Iranian missile parts to Syria. Russia may provide support as Russian warships arrived in Havana on Friday as part of a Latin American tour that included stops with US foes Venezuela and Nicaragua. One could hope that Russian military advisors will be available during the US civil war predicted by Russian intelligence to occur by summer 2009. We shall see.

In Metropolitan New Obamatown, DC, Terror struck when one witness said, "The road was fine, then all of the sudden a gush of water came along with boulders and parts of trees, I tried to turn to get out of it. I couldn't. My car just got blocked in. The water was going over the top of the car." The minor incident merely closed the state indoctrination centre a few hours earlier and there were no casualties in the incident, but some of the people rescued have been treated for hypothermia.

The scale of attacks on FEMA is increasing. A large scale disturbance moving from the Midwest to the East Coast and another Pacific storm slamming into the West Coast on Christmas Eve day, just in time to sour the mock celebration of a dead rabbi's birth by the Chief Helenist in the Vatican.

"Nobody's coming into Portland and nobodys leaving Portland on I-84." For a thorough people, such complete subjugation will make no impression whatever. Nothing short of death and humiliation is permissible. Seattle proved it's willingness to "tough it up" to Messiah's mild attacks, icy streets are the result of Seattle's refusal to use salt, saying, "We decided not to utilize salt because it's not a healthy." Neither is freezing to death but it makes a good excuse for more sin by bureaucrats.

The season is starting early for Moschiach to visit the states.